Find high school yearbooks for sale at St. James Academy. Books are $70 through 10/14/21. From 10/15/20-10/31/21, books are $80. From 11/1/21-12/15/21, books are $90. Students who have not ordered by December 15 will not be guaranteed a book. We will have a limited number of extras on sale on a first-come basis on delivery day.

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Our school code is 12645.



Senior Yearbook Ads for Veritas 2021 are now on sale.

There are several sizes from which to choose. Please see the attached samples.

Note: Fonts/Colors will be chosen by the staff to complement the ad and the theme of this year’s book.

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Design Size

Tier 1

Open til 10/14

Tier 2


Tier 3


1 1/8 page $115 $135 $155 25 words or less & 1 photo
2 1/4 page $175 $195 $225 50 words or less & 2 photos
3 1/2 page $280 $295 $325 100 words or less & 4 photos
4 Full page $325 $350 $375 250 words or less & 8 photos


Tier 1 Dates: Open til Oct 14, 2021
Tier 2 Dates: Oct 15-31, 2021
Tier 3 Dates: Nov 1-15, 2021

To receive the desired pricing tier, all materials must be sent through the 2022 Senior Ad Google Form, link is provided here. Ad materials and payment must be received within the timeframe listed above. In the form, you must include your child’s name as you want it to appear in the ad, the proper number of digital images (at least 200 dpi), and the text you want to be included. Please note that each ad allows for a certain number of sentences.

Payment must be made online here.

Our school code is 12645.


Editors-in-Chief: Emily Grey

Content Editor: Alyssa Campbell

Photography Editor: Jackson Allen