Last Updated on September 22, 2022

Homecoming week! – Check each date for Spirit themes 

*No leggings or shorts or spandex. No references to drugs, alcohol, or violence. All attire must be SJA-appropriate and within the guidelines of our Student Handbook. Any students not complying with the guidelines, or wearing costumes for inappropriate/violent superheroes, will be sent to the office until they receive appropriate clothes from home.

Monday, September 26th

  • Theme: Western Monday (wear your flannel, boots, and cowboy hats!)

  • A Day

Tuesday, September 27th

  • Theme: Let’s get with it today – Huppe Day (Wear Carolina blue or any shade of blue)

  • B Day

Wednesday, September 28th

Thursday, September 29th

Friday, September 30th

Saturday, October 1st