2024-2025 TUITION


In-Parish* Out-of-Parish
One Student $13,800 $15,000
Two or More Students $27,200 (per family) $29,600 (per family)


*Registered and active member of a Catholic parish in Johnson County

2024-2025 FEES

Per Student Due Date
Registration $300 With Enrollment
Laptop Purchase $1,900 total or $500 per year April 30


Additional fees required for certain classes will be billed separately after schedules are finalized in the fall. Please refer to the course catalog for further information.


All tuition and fees will be paid via automatic withdrawal through FinalSite. Enrollment in a payment plan is a required part of the enrollment process. Families will be charged a fee based on the schedule below:

  • Payment plans with one or two tuition payments: $20 per year
  • Payment plans with three or more tuition payments: $50 per year


All freshmen are required to purchase a laptop to be used during high school and will be kept by the student after graduation. Laptops are purchased at a group discount by St. James Academy.

The full cost of the laptop is $1,900. Families have the option to pay for the laptop in full or in annual installment payments of $500 each year.

Laptop Information

The laptop purchase includes Microsoft Office for Mac, 4-Year AppleCare+ for Schools – (no service fees), and the required tote bag, which protects the equipment throughout high school.

Laptops MUST be purchased from the school in order to ensure uniformity and to keep repair costs down. We will handle laptop repair and will issue a loaner to any student whose laptop needs repair. All repairs should be covered through Applecare with no additional charge.

St. James Academy will load any necessary software programs onto the laptops and will control student internet and advanced preference access. At the end of senior year, all licensed programs belonging to the school as well as internet restrictions will be removed before the laptop is released to the student. Microsoft Office will still be available to the student after graduation.

*If a student withdraws from SJA before graduation, the remaining balance owed for the laptop will be due at that time.


St. James Academy offers several scholarships for incoming freshmen to reward their accomplishments in academics as well as in their faith life and community involvement. All awards are granted to students who complete the application by the stated deadlines.