Alumni Request

Please fill out this transcript request form

This will determine how the transcript needs to be delivered.

Current Students

All student transcript requests for Colleges/Universities should be requested via Naviance. To request a transcript be sent to a college that you are applying:

  • Log into your Naviance account using your SJA student email address.  Use the Single-Sign On.  No password is necessary.
  • Click on “Colleges” and then “Colleges that I am applying to”.
  • Click the + sign to add your college.
  • Click the box to request your initial transcript.  (Final transcripts will be automatically sent at the end of the year.)
  • Only request transcripts for those schools where you have already applied.

If you need assistance in logging into your Naviance, please see Mrs. McNally or your counselor.

If you need a transcript for a scholarship application, please see Mrs. McNally.