Athletic Logo Explanation

St. James

With vehemence of character and at times unrestrained zeal of purpose, St. James earned the name “Son of Thunder.” His powerful and fervent spirit is the inspiration for our Catholic fidelity, focused energy, compassionate fellowship, and competitive intensity. Our students aspire to be models of discipleship in the image of St. James.


Charging into competition with the flag, St. James proudly displays who we are: the Thunder.

Shield & Cross of St. James

The real lesson taught at St. James Academy is that our faith should be inseparable from, and at the center of, the lives we lead. This includes the court, field, or stage. St. James charges into battle with the shield of faith displayed prominently at the center.

St. James Academy Fight Song

Oh, when St. James comes storming in hear us roar. Feel our Sprit True. For we are Thunder rolling over the plains. Silver, Crimson, Blue. Keeping faith let battle commence, onto victory! Fight! Fight! Fight til’ the end! St. James Academy. Go Thunder!