Parent engagement

Mother/Daughter Retreat 2022

We want to invite you to join us in a new adventure this coming fall: “Heart Speaks to Heart: A Mother/Daughter Retreat” on August 13th, 2022, at St. James. This will be an opportunity to have fun, bond, and grow with your daughter. This retreat is for all girls enrolled at St. James next school year to attend with their mothers, stepmothers, or other maternal figures in their lives. It is a chance to strengthen the bond that you have with your daughter as well as other moms in our community while enjoying a day of fun, sisterhood, and prayer. Moms of our male SJA students, we would love your help in putting on this retreat! If you are interested in being involved, click the link below for details.


The following Masses are held from 8:00-8:30 a.m. in our chapel.

Mother/Daughter Mass:
November 04, 2022
March 24, 2023

Father/Son Mass:
December 09, 2022
April 21, 2023

Mother/Son Mass:
September 23, 2022
February 17, 2023

Father/Daughter Mass:
October 21, 2022
January 27, 2023