Zach Graas “Dream Big” Memorial Scholarship

The Zach Graas “Dream Big” Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the memory and continue the legacy of Zachary Graas, class of 2011. If you knew Zach, you loved Zach. He was friendly, outgoing, and had a huge heart.

While Zach was not a straight-A student nor a star athlete, he possessed two key attributes — the ability to dream big, and the grit to achieve those dreams. Zach pursued his goals with relentless determination. What set Zach apart from others his age was his ability to get out of his comfort zone and engage with the people around him, whether he knew them or not. A brain cancer diagnosis at the beginning of his college career didn’t slow him down in the pursuit of his greatness, nor did his 6-year battle against brain cancer. Zach achieved more in those 6 years than many people achieve in a lifetime.


Established in memory of Zach, this $1,000 scholarship is designed to recognize a Junior student (rising Senior for the upcoming school year) who is determined, has a positive outlook and shows friendship to all. The candidate is someone who embraces challenges and lives life to its fullest.

Application deadline is 5pm on April 30, 2022

Amici Fideles “Faithful Friends” Scholarship

The Amici Fideles Scholarship means “Faithful Friends.” This scholarship was created in 2013 by a St. James family whose child received caring support from friends at a critical time. These friends surrounded the student with faithful friendship by showing compassion, love, attentiveness, determination, commitment, and forgiveness when it was needed.


This scholarship is by FACULTY AND COACH NOMINATION ONLY. The $500 award is designed to recognize two Sophomore students (rising Juniors for the upcoming school year) who pursue academic excellence, sets a good moral example and has shown extraordinary faithfulness to a friend in need.

Nomination Process

Faculty will consider nominating Sophomores who live the above qualities and:

  1. Has a Heart for Service
  2. Works to achieve Academic Excellence
  3. Shows Faithfulness to Friends and Community

Nominees will be notified of their candidacy for this award. Nominees will then submit an essay for consideration by a panel of administrators and teachers; the winner will be announced at the Annual Awards Assembly.