FEB. 21 – FEB. 28 2024

This process has 3 phases (listed below), each with a different timeline.

Our goal is to help families easily navigate the registration and enrollment process.

We look forward to experiencing a successful school year with you and your child and are happy to help you in any way with the enrollment process.

Phase 1 - Registration
Phase 1 – Registration 
  • Complete required forms listed on Finalsite checklist
  • Pay registration fee
  • Sign online contract
  • Deadline of January 31, 2024
Phase 2 - Enrollment (Select Course Requests)
Phase 2 – Enrollment (Select Course Requests)
Phase 3 - Posting of Student’s Schedule in PowerSchool
Phase 3 – Posting of Student’s Schedule in PowerSchool
  • August 2024
    • Schedule changes may be requested during the first 5 days of the semester
    PowerSchool Course Selection Steps


    • Opens February 21, 2024, and will close February 28, 2024
    • Equal priority is given to all as long as demographic and course request selections are completed within this window of time.
    • We encourage you to review your student(s) recommendations. Questions regarding credits or classes? Refer to the SJA Course Catalog


    The parent portal in PowerSchool must be established in order to complete the registration. In the event that you have not established your own username and password to access PowerSchool, directions are included in this document. The access codes needed to establish or link your parent portal can be found on the Scheduling Form.



    • Log in to PowerSchool 
    • Click on CLASS REGISTRATION located on the left-hand side of the screen. Select course requests and submit. Remember to look as there may be multiple pages within each subject matter (see bottom of the window).
    • Courses are listed in alphabetical order.
    • If you have any questions on why certain courses are opened up or not, please contact your student’s current teacher in that subject directly.
    • Workload Commitment Form – (If requesting over 3 AP/Honors courses)

    Individual Plan of Study

    An Individual Plan of Study (IPS) is a working document that assists students as they explore course work and interests while in high school. SJA has a set minimum curriculum that students must complete to earn their diplomas. An IPS will provide an outline of what classes need to be taken and when.

    Individual Plan of Study Worksheet

    Work Load Commitment Form

    St. James is requiring students to examine the significant time requirements, commitments, and energy that AP/Pre-AP courses require throughout a school year, including summer work. For students and families who choose to take more than three AP/Pre-AP courses, SJA now requires them to fill out the Work Load Commitment agreement form.

    Work Load Commitment Form

    Schedule Change Policy

    Schedule changes cannot be guaranteed once students have signed up for their preferred courses. The master schedule is built on the basis of student choices of courses; therefore, class size and arrangement of time periods for courses can prohibit possible changes. A schedule change may be requested during the first 5 days of the semester. The student must follow established school procedures and course changes will depend on space availability.

    Schedule changes may be made only for sound academic reasons and are an exception, not the rule. Requests will not be considered until the Schedule Change Request Form is filled out completely, signed by the designated persons, and submitted to the counseling department. Schedule changes, which could be initiated by a counselor, will only be made for the following reasons and must be approved by the administration:

    1. The student needs to enroll in a required class to meet graduation requirements.
    2. The student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has already received credit.
    3. The student has not met the prerequisites for the class.
    4. The student has an incomplete schedule.
    5. The teacher recommends a student move to a different course that matches their academic needs.

    Note: The following reasons do not qualify a student for a schedule change: teacher preference, personality conflicts, workload, desire to maintain a high GPA, desire to be with friends.

    Students are asked to follow their present schedule and complete any assignments/assessments until their request for a change has been fully processed by the counselor and an administrator.

    Request Change Form