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Why Join Crimson Club?

Do you have a student in an extracurricular activity? If so, Crimson Club is for you! Crimson Club is dedicated to supporting and promoting art and music programs, athletic teams, and other extracurricular activities at St. James Academy. Joining Crimson Club is a great way to support our students, meet other parents, and get involved in the community!


**SJA Gear is being sourced through Athletic Solutions. Your credit will arrive in your email as a gift card to purchase Crimson Club or Thunder gear of your choosing.

*Family Activity Pass includes gate passes allowing entrance into all HOME athletic events (except Regional & State competitions), and pre-show performances for the Musical and Spring Play. Immediate family only.


Thanks to your support and participation in Crimson Club, it has been made possible for these programs to receive the funding they need to support their club, activity or sport.

Additional Dance uniforms for a growing program.

Funding to complete the Michael T. Alex Field Scoreboard.

Additional Basketball uniforms for another growing program.

Ties for band members for KMEA!