Parents and Students of St. James Academy,

We are very excited to welcome you all back to campus next week. Our staff has been hard at work preparing for your return all summer long. The teachers have been back on campus for two weeks and the energy flowing through our school is contagious. I can hardly imagine the feelings we are going to have when the red carpet is rolled out Monday for our freshman and transfer students.

As I have mentioned in previous communication, we have prepared to open our school with the safety of all who enter at the forefront of our minds. We created a task force that assisted us in establishing best practices for our school. Our facilities team has purchased the necessary fogging machines, sanitizing equipment, hand sanitizer, and spray that will allow us to keep up on the daily cleaning. We will list all of these items purchased on our reopening plan on the website if you would like to review.

We are blessed to have created a partnership with Mr. Tom Feiden, President of Heartland Pathogend. I have attached a video from Mr. Feiden that will demonstrate our reaction when we get a COVID-19 case on our campus. Heartland Pathogend provides advanced EPA certified decontamination services in facilities across the city. Mr. Feiden has graciously donated two high-end fogging machines, wands for handheld use, and all the disinfecting solutions necessary. Heartland Pathogend’s solution is 7% hydrogen peroxide and breaks down into oxygen and water during the dissipation stage, so it is very safe and non-corrosive. Please take the time to watch the video. Our facility staff will be trained so that we can perform the fogging on our own.

As we open up our school for students and staff, I want to ask a favor of all of our families. We talk all the time about partnering with our families to form the whole child while at St. James Academy. We have set up our school day in a way that will allow for students to never have close contact to COVID-19 while in the building. We are working daily to train our staff on procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of our students. Next week, during High School 101, we will do the same with our students. We are confident we can make in-person school happen if we all do our part. As a school, we lose control of managing our environment once they leave campus. My hope and prayer is that you will continue the conversations and safety protocols with your child once they leave our campus. We all want to be in school. Behaviors outside of our building will dictate if we get to teach in person and offer activities and sports. Social gatherings without masks and six-foot social distancing have created cases of COVID-19 spreading in our community. Please partner with us so we can be in school.

Once again, I cannot tell you how excited our staff is to see your student on campus. They have been working very hard to create an environment that they have known and loved prior to the pandemic. Let’s all do our part to make this a shining moment for St. James Academy.

In Christ,

Andy Tylicki